Xpectra Services partners with a number of high profile businesses and below you can view some examples of projects we have carried out over the last 12 months.

Introduction into using drones for confined space inspection

Overview of how Xpectra Services can help provide safe and cost-effective UAV inspection solutions.

HRSG Survey

UAV survey of an HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator). This is a kind of heat exchanger that recovers heat from the exhaust gases of a gas turbine. 

Cargo Hold

Xpectra Services undertook an inspection on a large Bulk Carrier with our Elios 2 drone. We were able to fly in through the hatches and down into the Hold. This was carried out on a wet and very windy night as shown at the beginning of the video.

API Tank Inspection

Visual Tank inspection was undertaken without the need to enter the tank and there was no requirement for scaffolding.

Nitric Acid Tank Inspection

The Bulk Storage Terminal Manager experienced the value of performing UAV inspections at his facility recently which meant that inspections were performed safely and reduced downtime significantly.

UAV Tunnel Inspection

Xpectra Services recently teamed up with Brian Perry Civil and Wellington Water to complete a visual inspection on a section of wastewater tunnel in central Wellington. With conventional equipment, this tunnel would otherwise be inaccessible, if not for the use of UAV technology.

UAV Railway Bridge Inspection

Drones are now becoming a common form of technology that is utilised in various applications from 3D mapping and surveying to cinematography. At Xpectra Services we are using drone technology to undertake internal industrial inspections. Here is an example of what Xpectra services can do in an assessment of inside of a Railway Bridge.

VLOC Inspection

UAV Inspection of Very Large Ore Carrier.

Penstock Inspection

Hydroelectric Penstock Inspection      

Metal Dislodgement

An example of identifying metal dislodgement.  

Bag House Filter

Bag House Filter inspection.