With the introduction of drones, artificial intelligence and 3D technology, inspection data can be transformed into actionable information. Reports are organised in a highly visible 3D world with data mimicking an assets digital twin and links to specific anomalies or observations. Asset Integrity teams can then fasttrack to decisions to enhance asset’s life cycle.



The report presents a 3D model of a Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack and HRSG mimicking the asset inspected by Xpectra Services. Specific observations are identified and depicted on severity levels using colour coded identification.



The 3D model can be viewed and rotated to enable selection of the target area. When selected, the report will drill down and present data relating to that point of interest.



The report provides a range of data such as the name of the report, title of observation, inspection ID, date, severity of the anomaly and its location, and thumbnail images of the inspection.



Selecting any thumbnail image will present a high resolution image enabling engineers to study the anomaly and recommend the remedial action required.