Measuring Software

Xpectra Services has the use of revolutionary photo measurement software giving the capability to measure targets in post-production. With the data collected from the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) we can measure every photo taken during an inspection with ease.

The software brings the inspection industry the valuable ability to track defect issues over time. Now, imperfections can be precisely measured and compared with previous numerical data for growth or decay. Using the measurement software with photos can be the difference in assets being taken offline for repair or not. Companies now have an easier method to capture the right data, and save on inspection costs and downtime.



The onboard LED lighting system is very useful when inspecting pitch dark environments. Preventing the need for additional external lighting.



High-resolution camera allows 82 times zooming of original photo to see smallest imperfections.



Inspectors can measure aberrations such as the length of cracks & gaps, surface area of corrosion, and size of any object in a photo.



Outlining the area of interest with selection points will provide calculated surface area of that spot.



Points can be inserted on key areas and tracked using a point data table.



Asset Integrity is key to any organisation and the ability to inspect, photograph and apply measurements while the asset is still online is critical to save costs & time.

High Resolution Image Comparison


1.0x Zoom

6.7x Zoom

Measuring and High-Res Imagery Demo Video