Xpectra Services works with industry leaders to stay ahead of the risks associated with industrial inspection. We specialise in confined space inspection and we are happy to talk to any industries needing a solution to improve safety risk, reduce downtime and lower costs while carrying out industrial inspections.

Power Generation

Traditionally, companies inspect internal structures to identify areas of concern, through rope access, EWP or scaffold. These methods can incur significant financial costs and impact on lost production and safety. Xpectra can undertake these inspections in a matter of hours, not days, without the need to construct access. The benefit to production, safety and budgets is just the beginning. We can gather visual information to check the integrity of various confined areas such as cooling towers, wind turbine blades, penstocks, HRSG and boilers.

Oil and Gas

In high hazard industry, like oil and gas, safety is paramount. Inspections of storage tanks, pressure vessels, flares and other equipment are fundamental to operational performance and safety integrity. For planned and unplanned inspections this downtime can now be significantly reduced when utilising Xpectra Services to carry out your inspections. We do away with the need to build scaffolding, deploy rope access, have personnel working at height or entering a confined space. “Risks that arise from work must be eliminated so far as is reasonably practicable. If a risk can’t be eliminated, it must be minimised so far as is reasonably practicable”. By using Xpectra Services, employers can be confident that they are meeting ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) requirements as outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015.

Dairy Processing Plants

Xpectra Services specialises in confined space inspections and reporting on those hard to access areas such as silos, acid storage tanks, HVAC systems and powder dryers. We endeavour to eliminate the risk of contamination while undertaking critical UAV surveys. Photo measurement software allows for recording of precise measurements and location of defects in areas needing remedial repair immediately or in the future. We remove the need for rescue teams and rope access personnel and can carry out inspections with minimal impact to your operation and significantly reduce downtime and costs.


Xpectra Services can deploy their specialist drones to assess the integrity of crushing equipment like Sag mills and search for unexploded charges without putting people in harm’s way, both above and below ground. Using robotic technology in the mining industry is becoming more popular and using UAV’s to carry out inspections is only the beginning. The drone technology utilised by Xpectra Services, can save time and be financially beneficial when it comes to performing visual inspections.

Other Industries

Xpectra Services specialise in the inspection of access restricted areas, confined space and internal structures. Our capabilities remove the need for constructed access and provide real time data. The need to risk human life is eliminated therefore ensuring your company adheres to requirements under health and safety law at the highest level. The impact on operations is greatly reduced, where the time to conduct inspections can be completed in hours instead of days.

Xpectra operates in numerous industries including:
Pulp and Paper
Water & Waste Water
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Civil Construction